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out today if san francisco is one of the candidates and the city presents a formal plan to make a presentation to the nfl to be the host of super bowl 50. >>> today the warriors plan to present a proposed drawing of their arena in san francisco. the arena would be situated on the far outer edge of piers 30 and 32. the idea is to make the 135- foot tall arena appear smaller and create a sense of open space. >>> and the giants started off on the wrong foot last night in the national league championship series. they lost game 1 last night to the cardinals. game 2 will be tonight. >> reporter: unfortunately the san francisco giants didn't make it through game one but they did put up a good fight all the way to the last inning. unfortunately yesterday wasn't the day for bay area sports. >>> two runs on two pitches power the yardals to the 6-run lead but the giants rallied with four runs in the fourth inning with a key two-run triple in the fourth. they were making several nice catches but unfortunately the team couldn't rally late in the game. giants fans say it's not over till it's
into the ocean are now back onshore. the $10million vessel flipped yesterday near the san francisco yacht club. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the headquarters of team oracle, which owns the boat. >> reporter: this is the first time a major incident has happened with these new longer 72-foot catamarans. but we're told the most important thing is that nobody was hurt in this incident. crews worked into the early- morning hours to bring back what was left of that $10 million boat and yesterday sailors on the america's cup boat were doing training exercises and team leaders say they knew something was wrong when the back of the boat started to lift up and say winds were not working in their favor. it was blowing in one direction and the current in the opposite. and that's when the boat went in along with some of the 13 crewmembers. [ indiscernible ] it's very easy to stick the noses in on the boat and that's when it capsizeed. >> i'm not sure what happened. we'll have to reveal the data and the video. >> reporter: a few hours later the boat was completely overturned and the wing that's about
and the giants won big last night. there may be street closures around downtown san francisco. we'll talk about that coming up. >> it was a big night all the way around. the giants are back on top in the baseball world. >> completed the world series sweeper last night winning 4 games to 3 in 10 innings. while most of the celebrations were peaceful. some turned violent. a number of fires were set in the mission district. the damage that was left behind after that big winner last night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are piles of debris here near the intersection of 16th and mission. and we've seen the clean up has already begun. take a look at the violence. thousands of fans fell out on the streets after the game. some fans started setting fires. and police were dressed in full riot gear. we heard reports of firefighters having to be escorted to fight these fires. you can see those flames from up high. just before 1:00, some fans were still out here in the streets and officers told them they were unlawfully assembling and they needed to leave. at this point, one arrest has been
like that we'll have to close the doors. >> regular is $4.60 san francisco. oakland $4.52. some costco stations are out of gas. in the bay area, costco has gas. you can find the cheapest gas in your area by going to our website, cbssf.com/gas. >>> if you haven't heard there are a few big events planned in the bay area this weekend and that will likely mean traffic gridlock. cbs 5 traffic reporter elizabeth wenger joins from us san francisco to explain which areas to avoid. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're at a hotspot along the waterfront. it's called carmageddon san francisco, trafficpocalypse. you might want to avoid san francisco unless you want to be part of the fun. here at pier 32 we have the big navy vessel for fleet week and we also have some of the america's cup sailing yachts. these will be two busy draws, a loud weekend if yesterday was an indication. this is video taken yesterday of practice rounds. that's the blue angels flying overhead. don't drive. this shouldn't be a shocker but parking will be hard. to avoid the most gridlock avoid the waterfront. use sid
delays in cash lanes. we have some street closures around san francisco because of the giants parade. we'll tell you about it. much more on your morning commute coming up. >> we know it's going to be bad but this is pretty devastating. >> we'll rebuild it. no question in my mind we'll rebuild it. >> the rescues and repairs continue this morning as victims of the super storm sandy are making plans to put their lives back in order. it's going to take months for the east coast to recover from sandy. at least 55 people are dead from the storm, more than 6 million homes and businesses still without power downing from 8.5 million at the worst. the total cost could be $50 billion. cbs reporter ines ferre is in new york where the recovery is under way. >> reporter: the storm has moved from the shore but devastation is obvious. homes buried or destroyed, boats toss add shore. >> very difficult day. >> reporter: the national guard spent the day rescuing new jersey residents. a tidal surge up the hackensack river pushed water up in a matter of minutes. >> within a matter of minutes the basement was
together every 10 minutes. >>> we begin with breaking news on tuesday, in san francisco a fire at the multilevel house in the bay view neighborhood. >> reporter: good morning frank, firefighters are just packing up that you up -- their trucks as you can see. they say it started in the back bedroom o of a house. the call came in an hour ago. firefighters came in and say they aggressively attacked so the fire would keep from spreading to the rest of the house and that's the concern in the san francisco neighborhoods, is how close the homes are to one another. when they put it out, they determined it was started by an unattended candle. at the end of the day there were no injuries. no injuries to any firefighters and no injuries to any civilians instead the home but they want to remind neighbors that you should not leave these candles unattended especially during the holiday season. we're live in san francisco, cate cauguiran. >>> a huge fire sweeps through a supply store in san carlos. it happened overnight. >> reporter: good morning, the fire is out but firefighters are going in
. 62 in san francisco. and 67 degrees in mountain view. that ridge of high pressure that's been bringing the heat is going to start to slide to the south. that sea breeze will be kicking in. we'll see a southerly surge of low clouds and fog. the timing on that is tricky but it will stay hot inland. we'll still see 90s there, no triple digits. 70s and 80s inside the bay and out along the coastline, cooler weather on the way, maybe some patchy fog showing up this afternoon and temperatures there in the 60s and 70s. all right. now let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. within the last 10 minutes or so we just got word of an accident if your commute takes you through emeryville, it's off on the right-hand shoulder so not blocking lanes but westbound 80 approaching powell and this is a live look closer towards berkeley doesn't appear to be causing much of a delay. 18 minutes is your drive time on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. heading into san francisco, we have howard street closures. howard is shut down between 3rd and 4th oracle open wor
on this evening. >> they sure do. this time the world series will open here in san francisco. and we have live team coverage of giants hoopla this morning. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is over at city hall, but we kick off with anne makovec at a very soggy at&t park. >> reporter: as you can imagine they have taken precautions. i'm here in the back of the field. you can see the infield covered up right now ready for game one of the world series. giants versus tigers. starts at 5:07 p.m. they have been sprucing up willie mays plaza and inside the dugout store fans are going wild for anything orange and black. local businesses are gearing up to serve those fans and hundreds of others who come to the neighborhood. the series will bring millions to local businesses. >> it's had a positive impact. anytime you can keep people using public transportation, walking, going by the businesses, i think it's great. >> reporter: yeah. as for getting inside of the park, we have been monitoring some of the ticket selling websites. seatgeek.com says the average price for games 1 and 2, $700, $300 to $400 for sta
no arrests. in observations, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> police arresting 20 people in san francisco during a protest over the weekend. people in black allegedly blocked traffic, vandalized vehicles and businesses on saturday afternoon. officers hit by flares bags of paint. they also contained rocks, as well. police believe some of those arrested were involved in similar activity in the mission district about two weeks ago. >>> a 24-hour long "occupy" san jose rally has been camped out in front of city hall and continues this morning. it's the first overnight protest since they were evicted last year. members say them stay until noon today. >>> the search is on for a killer of a woman in contra costa county. susie ko was found dead in her hercules home after she failed to pick her husband up at oakland airport. police believe she was killed friday night by someone who stole her car a blue southbound row. ko was a former teacher well thought of by many. her son thinks someone may have been watching the house. >> she felt very comfortable being here and working and doing the landscaping. i ca
francisco, one lan blocked. eastbound 92 san mateo bridge towards hayward sounds like a couple of lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning. that's when caltrans says they will be out there. in the commute direction westbound 92 still looks good leaving the east bay. to our maps, here's a live look at 880 in oakland. maybe you can see some flashing lights there. there are some caltrans crews hard at work from fruitvale towards the downtown oakland exit. southbound 880 looks good past the coliseum. and all the way down towards hayward. hey, our dumbarton bridge roadwork just wrapped up on highway 84 both directions so now that's free and clear. mass transit, we always like to encourage folks to use it. everything so far off to a nice start, bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. that's your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 4:39. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is back on the job but could be facing a new recall threat. one supervisor who voted to reinstate the embattled sheriff, jane kim, told the "chronicle" she would support a recall effort against mirkarimi. s
news in san francisco. shots are fired at a police officer during a chase in the mission district. one suspect is now under arrest. two others are at large. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco with an update. >> reporter: i'm at 23rd and bryant where officers just wrapped up their investigation in this area. we saw them tow away that suspect vehicle that was parked here where before the suspects ran away. we're told that they are still looking for two additional suspects. there is a possibility they could still be armed. now, sfpd says this incident started around 1:30 this morning. they say one of their officers were shot at multiple times from a moving car. it was an undercover officer. he called for help after that. that officer chased the car to the 2500 block here at bryant street. and three suspects jumped out of the car and tried to get away. after that the officer again was able to catch one suspect. again, there are two on the loose. we don't have a description at this point. we know it's an ongoing investigation. live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >>> n
to san francisco. this weekend we have the big bridge closure. which one? we'll let you know coming up in a few minutes. >>> developing news in san francisco. one person has been arrested in an early-morning high-speed police chase that turned into a shooting. about 2.5 hours ago, police say two men sped away from a routine traffic stop initiating a pursuit. the suspects soon started firing at officers. a cab then collided with the speeding car as it ran a red light at franklin and eddy streets. both suspects fled. one man is still at large and no one was seriously hurt in the chase. >> it is 4:31 now. >>> mandatory evacuations are in effect tonight for residents in the clearlake area of lake county. a 300-acre fire burning near the community there in lower lake. cal fire shut down highway 29 already. they say the flames are threatening more than 60 homes in the area. residents in twin lakes are also evacuating voluntarily. fire crews have the blaze about 20% contained so far. >>> in east oakland police are conducting a homicide investigation in a residential neighborhood. a body was f
now so far, so good into san francisco just some slight delays along 101 in marin county. >>> that should end it. and who else, scutaro! and the giants have won the pennant! >> how about that. game 7 last night ended in the pouring rain and a team that never says die at least this year, the giants storming their way into the world series. they're going to kill all us morning people! we are not going to sleep for weeks! but that's okay. for the second straight post- season series the giants won three elimination games. >> the party continues. nell open the world series in san francisco tomorrow. we have team coverage tomorrow. we'll be live with all the fans throughout the bay area. dennis o'donnell first. >>> reporter: from at&t park, good morning, down three games to one the giants outscored st. louis 20-1 over the final three games to win the nlcs. bruce bochy and mike metheny game faces on for game 7. bottom of the 2nd 1-0 giants, matt cain with two outlines one two second. blanco scores 2-0. next inning giants with the bases loaded hunter pence, john jay misplayed it
for hours. that would be the giants game in st. louis. san francisco did get it play against the cardinals but it took a while. starting pitcher matt cain gave up two runs in the 3rd inning. cards led 3-1 in the 7th inning with blinding rain taking over delaying the game nearly 3.5 hours. the game finally resumed. st. louis hung on to that 3-1 lead and grabbed the win. >> you know, you understand that that's the way it's going to be sometimes. make some tough pitches and you have to move on and try to get the job doesn't next time. >> game 4 all set to go tonight in the gateway city with the cardinals leading 2-1 games. >>> detroit tigers and the yankees never got to start playing thanks to that same rain. game 4 now scheduled for this afternoon. the tigers lead that series 3-0 games and need just one more victory to advance to the series and sweep the yankees right out of the play-offs. >>> time now 4:35. no rain here, but that could change in a few days. >> all thanks to a good-looking high pressure system. >> high pressure system, yes. absolutely. >> according to liz right now. >> it's
in oakland. otherwise only 58 degrees in san francisco. 57 in the south bay if you are coming into san jose. so here's your satellite and radar what's going on. we're watching this low off the coast bringing the sea breeze our way so much cooler weather and cooler still for the weekend. these are your afternoon highs. not any 90s. no 100s. so we are going to see mostly 70s and 80s inland. mid-60s around the coast and bay. coming up we'll show you a look at your seven-day forecast what you can expect for saturday and sunday. in the meantime, we're talking traffic with gianna. talking >>> not bad this early morning. the only thing is an accident 101 near cesar chavez north not blocking lanes on the right shoulder just a minor fender bernard. golden gate bridge traffic is light. there is roadwork 101 just north of here both directions a paving project happening this morning. that's wrapping up by 6:00. also roadwork the westbound 92 ramp to southbound 280 is closed until 6:00. some delays as you approach the area. use the alternate. and roadwork on the dumbarton bridge seeing delays as well
this morning as sheriff of san francisco. >> i want to mend fences with all parties. i look forward to demonstrating why the people elected me as sheriff and look forward for me and my family to move in a place where we hopefully will achieve some normalcy. >> reporter: the marathon board of supervisors meeting lasted about nine hours yesterday and in the end, supervisors kim, olague, campos and avalos voted in favor of ross mirkarimi keeping his job despite pleading guilty to false imprisonment days before he was sworn in, in january. the ethics commit recommended he be removed from office permanently. during a long public comment period yesterday we heard from both sides. >> we put him in office, and if we want him out, we'll take him out. >> you really need to ask yourself why mayor lee has come and taken our vote away. thank you. >> reporter: this has been a defeat for mayor lee who wanted mirkarimi removed from office. he sent out this statement last night saying, quote, the board's decision returns a convicted batterer to lead the sheriff's office and i am concerned about our
of sunshine, maybe as high as 86 degrees today in san francisco. 75 in daly city and about 78 degrees in bodega bay that's a warm day along the north bay. how about this for temperatures the next couple of days. hot today and then dropping off tomorrow. but toward the weekend, a few more clouds roll our way. those temperatures may be cooling below average as we look toward sunday and into monday. let's check the roads now with elizabeth. >> nothing hot to speak about. no big hotspots so far this morning at 4:45. we are accident-free for the most part across the bay area. nothing much to really slow you down. so here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. and as you can see, everything moves nicely into san francisco. let's go to our maps, show you what else is going on. there is some overnight roadwork in lanes still on westbound 84. it's kind of interesting because we can still see a little bit of slowing on our sensors in that area. again, that's westbound 84, caltrans says that is scheduled to wrap up by about 5:00. if you are heading into san francisco today, once again we ha
cloudy, maxing out in the low 80s. >> thank you. and let's go out towards san francisco. as he mentioned, it is spare the air day. use mass transit. if you are driving , you may find some traffic tie ups around the south and market area. about the middle of this week, howard street is shut down between 3rd and 4th. it's been causing a real mess. elsewhere, a quick look outside. 880 to loek and looks to oakland looks okay. that's a check of your traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. developing news from the san mateo county coast guard. search for two people who were thrown into the water. they were aboard a fishing boat that capsized. more searchers will be in the area after the sun comes up. it was before dawn yesterday when the 23 foot fishing boat headed out. it was 10:30 when the boat got hit. >> they were hit by a wave that caught them by surprised. knocked all four subjects into the water. once they were in the water, they started getting pounded by additional waves and two actually made it to shore. and two are still outstanding. >> the coast guard used aircraft and boats to se
on this friday morning. quiet commute so far into san francisco. no big accidents. you will find some roadwork just in your usual spots. actually at this time across the san mateo bridge looks like eastbound of 92 from foster city boulevard all the way towards the toll plaza, it's early no delays westbound or eastbound 92 across the span. live drive time sensors, you can see where it is sluggish is in the eastbound lanes of the dumbarton bridge. it's actually roadwork this morning on the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge both in the eastbound direction. so just a heads up. caltrans crews will be out there until 5:00 this morning. and so not too much blockage. elsewhere the nimitz live 880 through oakland so far, so good to the downtown oakland exits and continues to move well southbound 880 towards oakland airport and hayward. coming up, we'll check mass transit. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> the east coast is bracing for what some forecasters are calling a franken storm. a combination of arctic air, winter storm and hurricane sandy. the hurricane is blamed for more than 20 death
in san francisco have already registered. that is a new record for the city. >>> former south dakota senator george mcgovern who was a democratic candidate for president in 1972 has died. a decorated world war ii hero, mcgovern was a fierce opponent of the vietnam war. he lost his bid for the white house to richard nixon. mcgovern served in congress for more than two decades. he died sunday morning in south dakota. george mcgovern was 90 years old. funeral services are scheduled for friday in sioux falls. >>> 4:40 on this monday morning. terror in place of tranquility. >> what we're learning about a gunman who opened fire at a day spa. also ahead. >> i heard a boom, boom boom boom, look something hit the roof. and i'm thinking that's odd. >> plus an out-of-this-world discovery. what one north bay woman found in her own backyard. >> and a boy stuck between two buildings. the delicate rescue operation crews had to perform to get that little guy out. coming up. ,,,,,,,, turning a 20-foot wall into a canvas takes vision. so will getting into college. i've got what it takes. so do you. ch
celebration right here in san francisco. [ applause and cheers ] >> world champion giants flew home from detroit with a huge welcome when the team buses arrived outside at&t park 4:00 yesterday. everybody wants a look at the world series trophy. >> you know, this was a special group. and, you know, we're not saying good-bye. we'll be here a couple of days and it will be see you later and we'll see what happens but i can't say i have had more fun than this year. >> look at all the folks there. giants players took turns showing the trophy off to the crowd. next up, of course, the big parade tomorrow that will happen tomorrow morning. the parade starts at the base of market street will end up at the civic center plaza and all the fun begins at 11:00. let's go ahead and take a live look outside at city hall right now where they are prepping for the parade. you can see the stage has already been set up. and mass transit is the way to get there by the way. bart plans to expand rush hour service for the entire day. there will be extra trains on the caltrain system. muni is also planning extra
. >> it may be slick in spots coming into san francisco this morning the pavement was wet from last night an overnight rain so watch out for that. otherwise, the bay bridge is moving fine "friday light" traffic so far on the upper deck. you may find some rolling closures and delays. they are street sweeping in the area but looks good now, no delay approaching the pay gates. elsewhere, to our maps and more roadwork this time in the southbound lanes of 101 on the span of the golden gate bridge. maybe we noticed it might be a little wet on the pavement there heading into san francisco towards doyle drive, as well. more overnight roadwork on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. sensors are picking up slowing on both 92 and 84. both scheduled to wrap up in the next 25 minutes but again that's westbound 84 and westbound 92 various lanes blocked. so caltrans crews still out there very hard at work and back outside one of our live "timesaver traffic" cameras everything looks great up the nimitz, no delay on the freeways and everything is cruising towards downtown. coming up a check of mass transit
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)